2014 Goals

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am excited to journey through 2014 in the blogging world. Check out what this blog is all about here.

As I started to look forward to the year 2014, I began to be excited about a fresh start. But, isn’t everyone? Every year, I internally make lists for what I am going to change about myself and habits in my life, but by the time March rolls around, I have no recollection of any of the bullet points on that list. This year, I am hoping to change that!

My word for 2014 is diligence. I feel the need to grow in being diligent this year. Recently, I have been noticing some tendencies in myself that tends to shy away from responsibility. This has always been a weakness of mine. When things get tough, I pull back instead of pushing forward. This year, I pray the Lord changes that part of me.

For the sake of accountability and encouragement, I created some goals for the year. My hope is to accomplish one from each category each month.

Nutritional Goals

1. Ferment more foods- kombucha, water kefir, salsa, and pickles to name a few!
2. Find local sources to buy our food from.
3. Pick a workout plan that works for this season of life.
4. Take vitamins/herbs consistently (this goes for all members of the family).
5. Create seasonal meal plans to enable eating out less.

Household goals:

1. Replace plastic with glass.
2. Build up essential oil inventory.
3. Limit phone use to when kids are sleeping (Reading blogs, Facebook, etc.).
4. Make laundry detergent.

Family/Ministry Goals:
1. One night of intentional hospitality per week.
2. Start family devotions.
3. Have consistent date nights at least 2x a month.
4. Potty train Madison.
5. Pray daily and specifically for my husband and children.
6. Pray about a ministry for our family to serve in once a month.
7. Continue to make our home a place of rest. Fight the tendency to always be on the go.

Personal Goals:
1. Read through the Bible
2. Memorize a book of the Bible
3. Read 12 books all the way through. One at a time.
4. Make sure my phone is charged daily (my husband is so hoping for diligence in this area!)

5. Begin doula certification
6. Listen to three podcasts a week.

Today, I am choosing to find joy in fresh starts!


If you are interested in creating your own goals for this year, here are two great resources:





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