Joy. Being still.

This is so hard for me.

Every morning I wake up craving routine. I like to know the plan. I feel more equipped to conquer the world when things are in order.

While I love my children more than words can say, they have challenged this part of me. Because they are little people, they don’t always function according to my plan. For some reason, things don’t always stay in their place. And my days are anything but predictable.

This morning, things started to go “my” way… I was feeling good, feeling ready for the day. But then, babies cry, children want to play, clothes get dirty, and I’m reminded… Be Still. You don’t have to let the chaos that you feel like exists outside of you define what is happening inside of you. I can get restless, anxious. But instead, I kept hearing “Be Still.”

And I felt this as I looked outside at the beautiful snow falling. Peace. Calm.


Then, again, when I watched my sweet girl playing.


Soak it in. You hear it all the time: “They grow so fast.” But, it’s so true. She is starting to play, really play, all on her own. She likes to imagine and do ring around the rosie with her dolls. All new for me. And when I stop and watch her, I’m reminded of how much better life is when I am still. When I stop trying to routine my life away (and routines are very good for me!) and instead, take in the beauty of the moment as it happens.

I’m thankful The Lord has given me two of His daughters to continue to teach me and to strip away perfectionism. I’m praying He continues to teach me what it looks like to be still. Even when I don’t want to be….


Because life goes way too fast.


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