A Beautiful Mess

Today was a messy day.

Kenzie is a grabber. I mean, she. grabs. everything. I really have to watch her because she will swipe anything around her in an instant.

Lunch was no different.


I was feeding Madison her applesauce (because more of it was ending up on her clothes than in her mouth) when I noticed Kenzie had swiped the cup. Applesauce was everywhere! Kenzie is not really eating solids yet, but she did enjoy the few licks she got off her hands. 🙂

Madison was cleaned up before I could snap a photo. I have to be quick to get her to wash her hands before I find applesauce on the floor…her hair…the counters…etc.

While cleaning McKenzie, Madison threw a cap down the bathroom sink drain which doesn’t have a stopper. I was relieved that it was not another toothbrush!

Then, I came back to the kitchen and had to laugh at the aftermath:


So much mess.
Applesauce galore.
And this pattern continued the rest of the day.

Madison helped me wash dishes but chose to pour water on her clothes, and when her shirt came off, she decided to make a bubble bath on her belly. All I could do was laugh.

There are dishes in the sink. Piles of laundry on the floor. Chocolate chips in the carpet. I mean, it’s pretty messy around here.

Normally, I would be pretty anxious by this point in the day. Everyone would know…mom is on edge. But, I am thankful that today I could choose joy. Joy because I know these messes won’t always be here. Joy because as I was cleaning the applesauce off the glass, I saw traces of fingers, fingerprints I know I won’t always be wiping away.

Today, I am thankful for this mess. It is a beautiful mess, indeed.



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