A fun fact about me: I love childbirth. Weird, I know, but I do! It is so beautiful. A perfect picture of sacrifice.

I love it so much that I get emotional when other people are laboring. I think it is the intimacy of the process. Those moments are some of the most cherished moments I have with Dan. With Madison, we hid out in our house watching movies as I worked through contractions. We walked hallways and malls, we worked as a team and then of course, we experienced holding those little babies for the first time, taking a deep breathe because the pain is over. There are no words to describe these
moments except maybe… Joy.

Since I have this passion for childbirth, I began investigating what I should do with it. I talked with my midwife (who is so wonderful, by the way!) and she suggested thinking about being a doula or a midwife. I processed this and realized that I would love to be a doula. The thought of sharing this passion with other people excites me deeply! Through our conversation, she recommended that I try and get some experience even before having completed doula training. I have had two children, so she felt I had some sort of expertise to offer šŸ™‚

Pretty soon after we dialogued, my dear friend started asking me questions about labor. We began chatting through details and I told her, if she wanted, I would be willing to help coach her through the labor process. She talked with her husband and they graciously said yes!

So, this morning I got to witness this little man being born:


A beautiful labor. I feel so loved by The Lord and by Steve and Maggie for allowing me to be a part of this.

I have been on cloud 9 all day.
Inexpressible joy!


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