Well, I had every intention of posting this last night, but I fell asleep 🙂 Better late than never,right? I promise my day was full of joy.

And it came from this little girl…


MK has been sick, so she has been taking verrrry long naps. This means lots of time with M. Yesterday, my heart was so full from hanging with this little girl.

We washed dishes together. (Which she asked to do, by the way!)
We built houses.


We did our make up.


We played dress up.
We played dollies.
We watched veggie tales.
We “tuddled.”

I soaked up this time with her. She is such a joyful little girl. God has taught me so much about love through her.

She is not only sweet, she is actually really funny. If you have met her you know she can be…wild. She has a spunky personality, to say the least! And I hope she always does. Dan and I are so excited to see her use this personality to bring glory to the One who made her.

My favorite things about M right now:
The way she inverts everything she says…”Cold me, scared me, juice more”
The way she LOVES her sister.
The way she is starting to pretend and acts like a lion.
The way she loves to have dance parties!
The way she plays hide and seek by hiding in the corner right in front of you.
The way she is scared of anything that beeps, so she will randomly walk around saying “no beep beep!”
The way she loves me even when I screw it all up.

I could go on and on. I am so thankful for the joy this little girl brings me. Not every day is like yesterday (and I should mention it ended with her biting MK…it was not perfect!), but I am going to soak up those days every chance I get


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