We all are talented at something.

Maybe it is music.
Maybe it is working with our hands.
Maybe it is athletics.

In the world of Pinterest, I have
struggled with wanting to be more creative, more of a DIY woman. And while I do enjoy making things, I tend to become easily frustrated because my projects do not end up the way I envision them, or they do not happen easily, or I simply lack creativity. When this occurs, the faithful to show up thoughts of comparison begin to speak.

“So and so could do this better.”
“They would not even need instructions on how to do this.”
“They are a better mom because their children will do more crafts.”
“They have a cooler craft room.”

Insecurity comes easily, stealing the joy out of a simple project.

Over the past year, I have been learning that I can not do it all. That I do not have to be strong in every aspect of life. Creativity does not have to come easily to me. Sometimes it is ok to ask for help.

Today I had the privilege of working with two lovely women who are talented with paper-crafting. They are really creative. They helped me to brainstorm and lay out how I am going to make invitations for an upcoming bridal shower. I loved hearing them them bounce ideas off each other and then describe how the plan could be executed using cute cut outs, twine, photoshop, etc.


(This is a bad picture, but it is the only one I took!)

It was obvious that they have been given a talent of being able to do crafts and do them well! I am filled with joy because I do not have to do everything on my own and that these women were so willing to share their creativity with me even in the midst of their own busy lives.

AND as an added bonus I got to learn from them in their role as mothers, too!

Thanks Sarabeth and Laura for serving me this way!


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