Today was a really long day. Reallllly long.

We have a teething 6 month old who is having quite the hard time sleeping. We were up almost every two hours.

Our toddler was up at least three times.

I am not complaining (well, trying not to). I know this comes with the package. Nighttime parenting is still parenting. But, this momma does not function well on no sleep. Not at all. Which makes for really long days.

My sweet husband knows this and sent me this text this morning “I can’t imagine how tired you are. What can I do to help you, today?”

My response: “Nap.”

So, since one of his meetings was rescheduled, he came home early, played with the girls and I took a glorious 45 minute nap.


It’s crazy how different I am when I have sleep. More patience. More relaxed. More fun. I have a better ability to love those around me.

I’m so, so thankful for that nap because I know tonight may be just like last as we feel the first tooth poking through.

Choosing joy definitely takes intentionality today, and a nap makes that a little easier.


One thought on “Naps

  1. For me, this describes hunger. Haha. I get terribly hungry without realizing it…and I am suddenly unable to cope with anything, I turn really nasty, and I can’t figure out why. Then, some wonderful person or turn of events will feed me, and POOF! I am human again. And a NICE human, to boot. šŸ˜‰

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