A Day Out

We needed to get out of the house today.

Every day I mentally countdown how many days until spring.
March can be warm, right?

I am sure this is the case for most Ohioans. Snow is fun until New Years is over and then it is just plain annoying.

I have tried to be careful about how much we go out because of all the germs, but today, for everyone’s sanity, seemed to be a pretty good day to head to the mall.

(I might add good is relative to my emotional being- I was not fully aware of how cold it is out there!)

It was a fun day. My sister came with us and M had a blast.


I was struck again by how fast life goes. She is so big. So big. Only two yet so big in my eyes. I just want to soak up every moment and be intentional with loving her well.


We love time with Aunt TT! She loves me and my children so well. I am so thankful for all the time we have got to spend with her while she has been home. Thanks for dealing with the chaos graciously, K!




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