Gentle Reminders

I was reminded today of the word I have chosen for the year. Diligence.

This is so hard for me.

I noticed it last night when I did not write a blog post. Just because I did not feel like it. I was lazy.

Then, this laziness crept in today.

“I do not want to finish that project”
“The dishes can wait”
“I would rather peruse the internet than finish that book”

Small excuses.
Excuses that add up.

I am thankful for the gentle reminder that I want to be a woman of diligence. I want this to be a character trait that I model for my children.

One that says “I do not give up when things are hard or when I just do not feel like it. Instead I persevere.”

This is incredibly important. Because that laundry list of things I need to get done does not go away. And the more it lingers, the more my thoughts are consumed by it. Weird how that works, right? I do not want to do the task, but the more I push it off, the more I think about what I have to get done.

Joy came today because I pushed through. And because I did I could spend more time freely loving, with my whole being, these precious little ones.



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