Lone Survivor

I am not sure if joy is the best word to describe my attitude today. Deep gratitude seems more fitting.

I may be a little behind the crowd as I know a lot of people who have read this book before me, but, this does not lessen the impact of the words on those pages.


I finished this book today and man, it has me feeling all kinds of emotions.

First, I had to come to grips with my ignorance, as much as I hate to admit this. I have always had respect for the people that fight for this country, but really had no idea all that they endure. The training is brutal and the combat is intense. And they fight willingly. I was thankful to have a small glimpse into one aspect of the US Armed Forces.

Then, of course, came sadness. This story is heart wrenching, scary, and deep. He writes in such a way that I felt like I was there. I could not stop turning the pages, and it was not because of excitement. I am saddened by the loss of these men, and the pain Navy Seal Luttrell has to endure on a daily basis.

This led me to my dominant emotion…appreciation. Deep, whole hearted appreciation. I am so beyond indebted for what these men and women do every day to protect this country and our freedoms. They serve with everything they have- mind and body.

My sisters boyfriend just left for EOD training for the Navy. I’m thankful for his service, especially knowing the crazy training he is about to endure.
If you are reading this and you have served in this way, I am not being cheesy, I sincerely thank you. I celebrate you. I am praying for you.

I have a solemn joy because of you.


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