February Challenge

For the month of February, I am going to capture my joy more consistently through photos. I was going through some from the birth of MK tonight and all of those emotions from that day resurfaced. I love reflecting on moments past.

It’s also just a fun way to document the attitude of joy.

A wise woman recently told me that she heard advice when her children were younger that if they did something that frustrated her (she told a story of them emptying an entire cereal box into a recliner) to stop and instead of becoming mad, take a picture. This teaches you, she said, to not react and enjoy the moment, but also gives you some really good memories to look back on.

Now, this does not just mean that I will take photos of hard moments :), but I think it serves as a good principle.

So, each day I will be documenting how I choose joy through the camera lens.

It is last minute, but would you like to join me? I think it is such an encouragement to hear about joy in other peoples lives as well. I learn from others in how they choose joy in triumph and in trials. If you would like, just put #30daysofchoosingjoy as the hashtag for your photo. Then, we can all share in the beauty of other people’s decision to witness joy in their lives.

I’m excited!!


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