Day 6


I love being challenged.

I am by nature a competitive person.

There is one person, however, that I always love to win against.

My husband.

If we play games together… Watch out! I don’t care if I lose to you, but I really care if I lose to him.

It makes for a fun time! 🙂

I realized though that this could be used for good in my life. Used for growth. Used for maturity.

So, we implemented something new into our date nights. We are going to strive to challenge each other in areas that we think would be beneficial to the other person.

I.E. “I challenge you to investigate what it looks like to grow in patience this week.”

We defined this in order for it to be fruitful and not a place of attack or a place to breed insecurity. But, what better person to know what areas of life I could be nudged to work on than the person closest to me? The process will hopefully help us to be more intentional in loving one another.

As a funny first challenge, this was given to me: “I challenge you to not get salt on your black clothes anymore.”

I laughed so hard. My husband and I are complete opposites in so many ways and I know I have tendencies that drive him crazy, tendencies that do not even cross my mind. Like somehow managing to rub up against the car and get salt on my coat, jeans, boots, etc. It was fun to be able to laugh together and appreciate the quirks we each have.

I am excited to see how we grow through this. I am joyful because God gave me a man who I can be silly with but also be challenged by and trust his heart to desire good things for me.



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