Day 8-Joy in Chaos

Today was quite a day.


Both of my beauties decided they wanted to be up from about 4:00-5:30 this morning. Then, MK was up for the day at 7:30. Needless to say, I was wiped. We all were.

I had a play date scheduled this morning, but I canceled because of the exhaustion that had taken root in my household.

To combat my fatigue, I thought, “Let’s go out for a bit! Get some fresh air. Mustard Seed has a great smoothie with some Maca (energy powder) in it!”

Off we went. My best friend met us there after her Crossfit class.

Everything started off okay. But, I think I forgot just how tired we all were. M would NOT sit in her high chair and the straps were too small, so buckling her in was not an option. So, she spent much of the time sitting on the stage just peering out the glass onto the shopping area.

Which is where my first area of tension began. The stares and quiet whispers could be seen and heard. My mommy insecurity flared up.

She is just two.
She is not being loud.
She is not running everywhere. She is just tired.

Now, I’ll admit I’m still trying to sort out what discipline looks like for M, but I felt like people were harsh today. Our culture seems to lack grace for toddlers and for mommies.

This also could have been a result of sleepiness. My emotions are always a bit more touchy.

Anyways… Our food came. Which is always a good thing. It means at least fifteen minutes that M will sit down.

However, MK decided she needed to use the bathroom and because she’s a baby I can say this…The result of this decision went up her back.

Of course today I did not bring the diaper bag inside. Me and M scurried outside to get it while A scarfed down the rest of her lunch while occupying MK.

We come back in, change the diaper, wash M’s hands, walk out to the car…

…Where the keys are no longer to be found. Oh ya, and my phone is dead. (Still working on this area of diligence!)

We scour the store. Tear apart the diaper bag. Retrace our steps. Still no keys.

Sleepy kids. This search is now cutting into nap time.

I Decide to call my Superman. He leaves work right away despite the fact that the spare key is in the van. Now my emotions are really high.

A comes up with the genius idea to call the police. (Why didn’t I think of that 10 minutes ago?)

They show up and unlock the van.

Meanwhile M has managed to take her shoes and socks off and is walking around barefoot in Mustard Seed while being called a hippie child by the cashiers. Chaos I tell you!

Now is a good time to say how thankful I am for A. She kept a smile on her face the whole time, did not make me feel bad, and helped love and steer my children. I felt so bad that a lot of her day was wasted, but she assured me she was “chill and not overwhelmed.” 🙂

I come back in from meeting with the officer to retrieve my children and A goes, “Sarah! They have had your keys in the office the whole time. Someone turned them in 1/2 hour ago.”

We both exchange a sigh of relief and a disbelieving head shake. Why did I also not think to ask?

I get in the van just in time for D to show up and hold me as I let out all the pent up tears from this craziness!

Here is what we looked like walking out of the store:


I share this story not to complain. This is life! But, it did play into my joy story today.

As we were driving home, MK passed out, and stayed asleep through a diaper change so she could catch up on much needed rest.

M hit the bed and was quickly asleep.

They napped for two hours and so did mommy! We all needed that after this morning.

And I was reminded- there is joy even when things seem out of control. There is joy in the aftermath of chaos. That is the purpose of this blog- to choose joy even when it is hard to find.

I am thankful His mercies are new every morning. Every hour. Every minute.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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