Day 12

Another fun weekend with the family!

Coming down to visit my uncle is one of my favorite things to do.

His house is warm, inviting and the company is great… And hilarious.

Seriously, I laugh the most when we spend time with them. It’s a blast!

We stayed up way too late, ate lots of food, visited my sisters school, played games, watched the Olympics, talked about oils ;), and just plain old enjoyed each other.

Not only does that fill me with joy, but D and I love watching people love on our children.

My papa (who is 91!) loves to kiss on them and teach them how to do things.

My mom willingly sleeps with M so that D and I can rest. Even though she gets way less quality sleep.

My sisters chase M around and fly her and do her makeup and hold MK so I can shower.

My uncle and cousin love to pinch their cheeks and make them laugh and tuck them in.

It brings me so much joy to watch all of this. Especially because I remember being loved by these people as a young girl in the same ways. I feel so blessed to watch this love be given to my daughters.







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