Day 18


The Lord is bringing me so much joy through this little one. She is talking so much . It’s crazy! I am thoroughly enjoying being able to communicate with her.

Sometimes, of course, it is difficult as talking can be commanding. Her new favorite in the car: “Turn it
up, mom!” several times. Or “myself.” (By myself). Or “Mani turn!” (M’s turn!) Even when her communicating is assertive, it is still fascinating to watch her express herself.

Then, there is the sweeter side of her words.
Our favorite game is when she runs away, jumps off her ball pit, then comes running into my arms, and screams: “I missed you sooo much!”

And in the picture above, she asked for those sunglasses, put them on, then said “I love you, dad!” as her and I went to buy smoothies.

We could not help but laugh and have our hearts melted at the same time.

I’m learning too that she is listening to me more than I think. I often say “Dang it” and now everytime she drops something she exclaims, “Dang it!!” I could not believe my ears the first time she said it, and it is not a bad thing to say, however it made me realize that I am being heard all. the. time. I want my words to encourage her soul, to help her have confidence in the person she has been created to be. And, I want to help her learn to be a woman who speaks grace and encouragement, but who also is bold and courageous in speaking to others.

I am excited to communicate on deeper levels with her.

I am thankful to continue to learn how to season my words towards her with gentleness and self control, consciously remembering she is learning how to speak from me.

Proverbs 15:24 Kind words are like honey — sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.


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