Challenge complete!

Well, I did not perfectly complete my contest of taking a picture for the month of February.

That is hard for the perfectionist in me- and also the person who is trying to work on diligence.

But, I will truck on. Continuing to find joy on a daily basis. I more intentionally take pictures in my mind now. Storing away memories that I hope remain in my mind for many years. These are precious, fleeting days.

Today I chose joy in a circumstance I could have done without.

My sister came over to watch MK so M and I could get a little one on one time together.

On our way to our destination, I got a flat tire! Which is a funny story in itself because I thought I was just running out of gas šŸ˜‰

My loving husband came straight from work to help me out. He is so wonderful!

So, in the meantime M and I had our date in the car. Which she loved! She enjoys climbing all over the seats and exploring every button and switch in that van. It was fun to watch her and try to enjoy something she enjoys.

I am thankful for these lessons in choosing joy. I could have easily allowed my messed up plan to control my mood. I could have sulked. I could have chose frustration.

Instead I chose joy. And I am so glad I did so that these moments would not be wasted.





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