This morning we dedicated our littlest, MK.


Our church does not practice infant baptisms, so this is a way for the parents to commit to loving The Lord, modeling that for their children, and leading them towards righteousness.

It’s also a chance for family and friends to stand up and declare that they are committing to helping you with that charge.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Joy on so many levels

Joy to look out and see the people that love us and adore our children. Our family, our friends, our life group. People who purposefully choose to love, and I mean genuinely love, my precious girls. I was overwhelmed by the blessing that this is.

Joy in being parents. What a high calling this is. I’m so thankful for this season of life. Yesterday, D looked at me and said, ” I LOVE being parents! And I love parenting with you.” It’s certainly a challenge, but filled with a tremendous amount of joy. I pray The Lord continues to teach us how to parent His children.

And of course, joy in the sweet girl who was dedicated. A number of people in the last week have told me,
after she sweetly smiles at them and buries her head in my neck, ‘she is just so full of joy.’ And she is. She already is a lover of life. I can’t wait to see how this joy will change lives.



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