Wow. So much joy today!!

My beautiful sister finished her last round of chemo today. What a long and crazy road it’s been. From receiving the horrible news, to painful medications, to the roller coaster steroids take a person on, to watching her learn patience and find joy even in trials. I have watched her transform from a young girl to young adult. She has grown so much since she first found out.

I am so beyond thankful The Lord is healing her.

A is a woman who seeks righteousness and desires to love those around her.

As she was recently told, The Lord has big plans for her. I fully believe it!

For all those who have prayed for her, brought our family meals, mowed my moms lawn, and continually ask how she’s doing- thanks is not enough. It’s such a blessing to not walk through these hard trials of life alone.

Look at her awesome transformation:

(Our friend cut her hair before she lost it all).

(She chose to be baptized in the midst of the pain. And I was there to witness it! Such a memorable moment)

(Today after her last dose. Isn’t she precious?!)

Inexpressible joy. Deep. Overflowing.

A, I’m grateful to be your sister!


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