Today was a great day in general. We, of course, made it out of the house, got a good (Whole30 approved) lunch, did some shopping, and then M napped for THREE hours. It was crazy! My friend came over and we talked and made cards together all while enjoying the sunshine through the window.

What a beautiful day.

The moment my heart was really filled though was as I was washing dishes.

D and M were outside grilling chicken when all of a sudden I saw them taking a ride on his mower.

If you don’t know, D loves our mower. I mean LOVES. He would probably mow twice a day if he could.

Shortly after MK was born, D had knee surgery so he was not allowed to drive or do much of anything. So, his way of getting out of the house and also helping me with the children was to take M to mow with him. (He’s the king of safety… Don’t worry!)

There were a number of days where I would look out and see her hugging him as he mowed. At that stage of life she would frequently ask daddy for a “ride!”

When I looked out the window today, I saw them taking a ride up and down the driveway. If you could have seen the smile on her face, you would have bursted with joy, too!

Not only was she loving riding the mower, it is so obvious how much she loves her daddy. I am deeply thankful for that truth. He does a wonderful job of loving our girls well.

I carry so much joy because of watching that moment, this time slightly different because now she is older and wanting to help daddy drive, and he was helping her learn. I pray these memories will also be stored up in her heart so she can remember the ways her daddy invested in her.



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