Park Days

I think when summer comes my posts every day may be joy in sunshine!

I am a much happier lady when the sun and breeze are seeping in my windows.

My girls and I headed out to the park today where I attempted my first run with them. It was great, but I was made aware of how out of shape I am.

Maybe it was the gasping for breath.

Or my screaming legs.

Either way, I was glad to move! Some people from my life group are running a 5K in May so I am looking forward to working my way towards that race.

After our jog, the girls played on the jungle gym for awhile. It was MKs first time! What a joy to watch her enjoy the swings and for M to bask in running around and climbing everything, adding to my shortness of breath 😉




Now, for the snowstorm where I’m already amping up to choose joy… Not. Looking. Forward. To. This.


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