I was exhausted and passed out last night. I am pretty sure I slept walked through most of the night. It felt great to rest… Which is why I did not post.

But, my joy from yesterday is spilling over into today, so you get two for the price of one!

Typically when the girls nap on a Sunday, D and I will try and rest in some way- nap, watch a show, read, etc.

Yesterday was different. My sweet husband brewed a cup of coffee, sat next to me, put his hand on my heart and said tell me what is going on in here.

We talked in depth about life which does not come often or easily with two little ones.

It was wonderful.

But, the best part was when he spoke into a weakness he believed I had been carrying and then affirmed me.

In a real way.

He did not hold back.

And then… He gave me permission to do the same.

I quote, “I want you to be free to be bold with me. Be bold. Don’t hold back.”

How cool is that?

My husband giving me freedom to be bold. To not be timid. To call him out. To encourage him. To love him.

I have felt blessed by that in a deep way. This does not come naturally to me, so I am looking forward to learning. And am excited to see how our communication will change.

Joy in being free to be bold… However that looks.


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