Goodnight Moon


Before MK was born, M and I would read the Bible and Goodnight Moon every night before bed

She dragged that book everywhere.

I became excited because she would point and list all of the characters in the book:


This also was a fond book for me because my mom read it to me when I was a child. I loved sharing adoration for this book with my daughter.

Well, after our littlest was born, bedtime routines took on a new normal, and sadly, the book became forgotten.


The other day when we found it under the couch!! (True confession).

Bedtime was special tonight as we read that book together again.

And my momma heart was full of joy and weight all at the same time.

Joy because I love these fleeting moments with her.
Weight because she is growing up so fast!

The last time we read this book, she was saying single words as she learned them.
Tonight, she took the book and read it in sentences, “Goodnight bears…”

I could have let her read that book a million times tonight. Just so I could soak up this stage she is in. To hear the sentences and reflect on how much she has grown. To bask in her precious childhood.

Then, to add to this moment, when I sang twinkle, twinkle, she sang with me.

She is finding her voice and it is beautiful.

Bedtime is not always easy, but I am thankful The Lord used a simple book to bring joy into my heart tonight. I pray I remember moments like this and to celebrate the little lady she is becoming.

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