The End of Whole30

Well, it is not really the end. I still have one more day. And then I have the reintroduction phase where I will slowly reintroduce foods and see how my body reacts to them.

But, I am finding joy that the end is near 🙂

The beginning of Whole30 was very hard for me. My sugar addiction became very apparent. I began to go in withdrawal. I had headaches, my hormones went crazy, I was really hot then really cold, I wanted to punch people. It was a challenge.

My brain kept telling me it wanted a cookie, a peanut power shake, and chocolate. Oh, the chocolate…

Then, I had to learn how to properly feed myself so that I was not super hungry in between meals. My body was not used to being adequately nourished and I was not used to giving myself the correct amount of protein and fat that I needed. Once I was able to figure this out and the first two weeks were past, the last two weeks went much better. I would even say it was enjoyable.

Some things I loved/learned during the Whole30:

1. Veggies are good! One of my goals for the challenge was to cook with more vegetables. It was fun to experiment in the kitchen and have my taste buds adapt and enjoy vegetables. I want to continue to build these into our diets.

2. Watching my sugar cravings decrease in a drastic way. I no longer crave sugar laden foods. Now, this does not mean I am not excited for that first bite of ice cream or chocolate, but the thought of eating those foods is not on my mind all day. Rather, I am enjoying and craving the natural sweetness of a piece of fruit! So yummy!

3. Diligence. This challenge was perfect for the word the Lord laid on my heart for this year. It took perseverance and intentional diligence to not give up. I had to fight, “It is just a challenge,” or “I could cheat and no one would know.” I am thankful that I learned diligence in this area of my life. That I am continuing to choose health even when it is not easy. I am even more thankful that my awesome husband and great girls were doing this with me. It helped me to continue to strive for diligence knowing they were in the trenches with me!

4. On the other side of diligence, I learned to battle my perfectionism. One day I found out that the bacon I thought had no sugar in it did in fact have sugar in it and I had a really hard time. I am a rule follower to my core and I judge myself based on how well I follow those rules. I always want the A+. Now, I did not cheat, but I snacked more than the authors of Whole30 would say to (all with Whole30 compliant foods), I ate more fruit than was advised, and we went out to eat a few times, so I am sure I digested some inappropriate oils. D helped me to balance being diligent with remembering I have freedom in Christ.

5. Seeing changes in my body! I lost 8 pounds. I sleep so.much.better. I have energy. I am not as bloated. I feel great! I am loving being in tune with my body and its needs and because I know it is a temple, I want to steward it well.

The grace of God is so evident in my completion of this challenge. Not my strength, but His. That is where my joy is found.

I do not think we will reintroduce all of the foods that we were used to eating. I am looking forward to more freedom than what is allowed on the Whole30. But, my Dr. once said, “Eat what was in the Garden of Eden…it’s that simple.” Sounds great to me! I know we will not be perfect, and I know I will eat the occasional snack, cookie, ice cream, etc, but I look forward to continuing to grow in our trajectory of health. I am passionate about our family growing in being self sustaining while nourishing our bodies well and I am grateful that this challenge has encouraged me to learn more about nutrition.

I highly recommend the Whole30. You CAN do it!


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