Yia Yia

What a beautiful day!!

My whole day was saturated with joy, but one story stands out as a focal point.

I took my little ladies to the mall to play this morning and while we were there I ran into an old friend’s older sister. It was such a blast to see her little girl and her mom. They were a second family to me when I was younger.

As we were talking her mom asked me, “How is your mom doing? I bet the girls love her! She is probably the best grandma. I know it because you had the best grandma. I learned so much from watching her be a grandma to you. I took notes. She read to you, she danced with you. She was a great grandma.”

This was deeply encouraging to my soul.

My moms side of the family is Greek, so the grandma she is referring to would have been called Yia Yia by us (the same thing my children call my mom).

I loved hearing her recount stories of my Yia Yia. I was younger when she passed away, so some of those memories have faded for me. But, ever since that conversation today, I have been reflecting on the memories I do have of her and how accurate this woman was in her depiction of her. She was wonderful. A servant, fun, and so caring towards her grandchildren. I loved her dearly.

And all of the things that she spoke about my Yia Yia are true about my mom. What a cool heritage!! I know that I will not be a grandma for a long time, but I prayed today that I would carry this heritage on, that my grandchildren would feel the same love for me.

It’s been a beautiful day reflecting on those memories with my Yia Yia. I am thankful God used someone to bring up something I was not even searching for today. He is faithful to bring joy!



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