Beautiful Life

Over the past few days I have been reflecting on the season of life I am in.

There are so many times I forget how blessed I really am.

Great health (when I choose not to eat cupcakes).
The perfect husband for me.
Sweet, sweet girls.
A house.
A mom van.
A supportive family.
A God who loves me.

The list goes on and on and on.

In the midst of all this, I have been remembering where I have come from.

The ways I have changed. Grown up.
The mistakes I have made.
The healing in my heart.


You know, I think we forget. I think we get so swept up in the chaos of life that we forget where we came from. We forget the ways we’ve grown and the things that have changed us.
We do not need to dwell in the past, but how much more thankful would we be if we did remember?

Remember and thank.

Doing this has made me fall in love with the goodness of my husband again.
It has caused me to soak up little moments with my girls.
It has reminded me that I am deeply loved and pursued by the Creator of the Universe.

And so are you.

Because the truth is we are more messed up than we ever thought.
But more loved than we can even imagine.

Joy feels my soul as I look at my life and remember this truth. So dang beautiful.

I’m so thankful I’m not who I was.


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