About 3 years ago, a group was formed within our college ministry that was called Ready.

It was a discipleship group that was formed to train and equip us to be “ready” to be leaders and do ministry.

This season was a crazy season full of growth and challenge, laughs and tears, encouragement and correction.

The girls met each week and went through a One to One discipleship book. The guys met and went through 1 Timothy 3. We visited churches, met with their leaders, and asked about how they did ministry. We did service projects. The guys went on a 10 day hiking adventure in Canada. The girls went to Florida. We spent nine intentional months together. These months ended with us being commissioned to make disciples and live out the callings and gifting God had given us.

This was not a perfect season for me as I was pruned and also adjusting to being part of a group after being a part of a tight knit community in Milwaukee. It was different for me. But, like most things in life, as I look back on that time, I am so thankful for all that I learned, and more importantly, for the people that walked through this journey with me. They are all wonderful, beautiful people who love Jesus and serve others in such a unique way. It was a blast!

Tonight, we had a reunion. Life has brought many changes for all of us. It was great to hear what God is doing in their lives now and to reconnect with people who hold such a special place in my life (For those who could not make it… we missed you lots!). Seriously, it is rare to know people as great as these people. They love me so well. I am deeply thankful.




I am so joyful knowing these people and for the space they do and will hold in my life. Heart is overflowing tonight!



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