Joy was found in a shallow, but glorious place today.

Since winter decided to strike in April and M chose not to nap again today, we made a quick exit to none other than Target.

This place has been a great source of happiness for me for many years now.

In college, if we were bored… Go to target.
Sad? Go to target.
Happy? Go to target.
Stir crazy? You got it… Target.

In fact, my best friend sent me this text two nights ago:


I think you get the point 🙂 I love Target. And Target with a Starbucks. Even more joy. Coffee and browsing. Does a soul good. (Not necessarily the wallet.)

I strapped my babies in their stroller, got them a snack, and made me way slowly through the store. Perusing all the fun and cute rugs, clothes, new grocery section, and stopping to see Elsa and Dora was enjoyable for all of us. Yes, it took self control not to fill boredom and the longing for springtime with all the colorful and bright items I found. But, Target was where joy met me today.

What is your favorite store to escape to?


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