This birthday is such a big deal!

I am soo glad The Lord created this man.


We are opposites in pretty much every way. Which can certainly drive the other person crazy, but has also taught me so much.

This man has taught me:
How to be bold.
How to stand firm.
How to show grace in the way I speak.
How to serve others especially when I do not want to.
How to be generous.
How to let go.
How to be loved.
How to be willing to talk. To work things out. Instead of shutting down.
How to sacrifice.
How to fight well.
How to seek the Lord even when it is hard.
How to stress less.
How to parent well.
How to keep things from being sticky.

Driving. (He’s still working on that one).

Seriously I learn so much from him. He came into my life at a critical point in my life and showed me grace in a way I had never known.

When I think of this man… My husband… Joy is certainly the word to describe my attitude. Our marriage is not perfect by any means, we struggle often, but I love looking to my side and seeing him there. He is my best friend. A great leader. A wonderful dad.

Happy birthday, D!! I love you!


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