I am really joyful about all that I am learning.

Some of it is hard.
All of it is good.

A small glimpse:
Who I Am In Christ Galatians 2:20. I’m learning the way God really sees me. Through the lens of Christ. Not my performance. Not the way others see me. So freeing.
Not All Of My Expectations Need to Be Met Self Explanatory 🙂
Passions In Parenting How to disciple my children. How to lovingly discipline and protect them to prepare their hearts to be good soil.
Surrender Giving up my rights, my time, for the sake of others. It’s not easy, but I am learning I am not entitled to a lot of the things I hold tightly.
Phillipians 4:8 Making more decisions after processing through this grid.
Joy Continually learning what it looks like to choose joy even in the midst of my perfectionism and anxiety.

I’m so thankful to be taught different lessons right now. I pray they are not thoughts I ponder, but that these teachings turn into life change.

What are you learning?

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