Still. Sick.

We are still pushing through. The lack of blog posts has been a result of me passing out.

Momma and MK are better. Now M is down.



I wanna scream. And disinfect the whole house… Twice.

Oh, and I must add, we had to make an ER visit yesterday because MK swallowed something. She is all good, now!!


As I’m typing this, I am laughing because I cannot believe all that has happened the last three days. Even though it’s been tough, it has been nice to spend time together as a family and endure sickness together.

D has sacrificed two days of work at the office to work from home so he could make sure we are taken care of. Today he even took MK out to look at a new airplane while me and M napped. Isn’t this precious?


We have also had family take one of our children so we could love on the other, bring us dinner, text us everyday to check in.

We have had close friends offer to grocery shop and clean for us.

We have a good God who can heal us and who we are desperately hoping will do that tomorrow!!

I’m reminded just how important nutrition is and convicted of ways I need to be more disciplined in this area/ things I want to add to our diet to prevent any more sickness from happening.

“He makes all things work together for our good.”

Even now.

There is still joy.


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