You know what they say…it takes a village to raise a child.

The saying is so true and I am beyond thankful.

My stepmom watched my girls last night in order for me to decorate cookies for a party this weekend.

My family has watched one or both of the girls while we have all been sick to take some pressure off me and D.

My mom and sister came over tonight to help me clean my kitchen because M is sick again and was at the ER with D.

My friends have prayed for us. Have written me encouraging texts. Followed up. Loved on us.

I am joyful knowing that God designed the family- both blood and spiritually- to be this way. I am thankful that I do not have to believe the lie that I have to be some sort of super mom and do this all on my own. Asking for help is not unloving- it’s more loving. The Lord is humbling me in many ways right now, and I am thankful for the village He has given me to help love and serve my children better.




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