Joy is hard to choose sometimes.

The past few days have been a mixture of fun and trial.

Last night, we had A’s Bachlerette party! It was a blast. It is great to celebrate marriage and all the fun that comes with it 🙂


We played some silly games and then watched Monster in Law at our in house drive in theater!


This party intersected with some chaos as D took M to the ER where they admitted her and where she still is because she refuses to drink anything due to mouth sores.

It is so sad to watch my little lady be irritated and frustrated by pain she does not understand. She is a trooper though and when I left the hospital tonight she was dragging her IV everywhere and climbing on the windowsill. The most I have seen her move in days!

I am thankful for friends that say “I’m bringing you dinner. What do you want?”

For family that drops off milkshakes and pizzas and watches MK.

For FaceTime.

For a sacrificial husband.

For a God that is bigger than me.

See, it’s easy for me to get wrapped up in the day and choose exhaustion and defeat. But when I reflect, I see all the areas in which I can choose joy and gratefulness.

Here’s to hoping our little girl comes
home tomorrow!!



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