Bedtime is not always an enjoyable time.

It’s full of “More water!” and occasional crying and a stubborn unwillingness to put pjs on her body.

This can make long days seem unending.

I know that one day I will want these days back. So, I have been trying to be intentional about giving my best at bedtime instead of rushing the process in order to have me time. Sometimes it is beautiful- other times no matter how intentional I try to be, it is messy

Tonight, happened to be a night I wanted to soak up in my memory.

As MK was sleeping, M, D, and I had a dance party to the contestants on the Voice.

“Mommy, hold daddy’s hand!” as we dance in a circle.

Then, it was bath and wrangling her into pjs.

And like usual, she cuddled with daddy for “three minutes.”

Mommy’s turn.

After we turned on the nightlight, sang songs, and prayed, she brushed my hair and said, “Pretty hair, mommy.”

“Thanks M, you have pretty eyes.”
“You have pretty eyes too, mommy.”
“Well, you have a pretty nose.”
“You have a pretty nose too mommy.”
Squeezes my cheeks.
“And cheeks, mommy!”

So simple. Treasured in my heart. Joy in the sweet moments of bedtime, even if it is only once a week. 🙂


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