Wedding Week

Sorry for the lack of blogging… I have been busy…with wedding festivities!!

Oh my. What a fun weekend.

I am still bubbling with joy today because of what a blast it was.

And it was a blast because of the couple, J and A. I was so excited for them I could barely sleep because the time was finally here. The journey of dating has been full of ups and downs and growth and joy and figuring each other out and all that comes with dating- it was beautiful to see them commit their love to each other forever.

The bridal party spent a lot of time together over their engagement so it was great getting to know each other and then celebrate together.

The day could not have been better. Beautiful weather was a blessing. A was stunning. Dancing was happening. Awesome.

The reminder of what marriage is designed for was refreshing to my soul and to my marriage.

I love going to wedding ceremonies because it’s not only joyful to watch a godly couple join as one, but the message always reminds me of my calling as a wife and a helpmate. Marriage is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

So thankful to be a part of this wedding.






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