Freedom is a beautiful concept.

Something I am really beginning to grasp.


What a great thing to be joyful about today!

I’m so thankful for the men and women that have made freedom a reality in the US. Their sacrifice is huge and not fully understood, I’m sure.

I’m thankful that my freedom goes even deeper because of freedom given to me by Jesus. I have seen this play out in a number of ways the past few years. Grateful just skims the surface of how I feel towards that undeserving freedom.

I’m thankful for the birth of my sister. She is one rockin awesome lady. For real! I feel blessed to live life with her. She has had her world rocked by crazy life circumstances, but she has clung to The Lord and that is evidenced in her life. She is sweet, sacrificial, and encouraging. She loves my daughters so well. They love their aunt Abby! I’m lucky to not only be related to her, but to have her be friend. I learn more about Jesus through her. You should really know her 😉 Happy birthday Abby!! You are loved 🙂

We celebrated both of these exciting events with fireworks tonight. It’s the first time M has ever gone.

She was not a fan.

Neither was MK at first. Then, she loved them and tried to touch and grab them.

It was fun! A good time with friends and family.

Freedom to have joy. And joy in freedom.





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