Learning Together

M and I made larabars together today.



Afterwards we did dishes together. MK was happily watching from my back. There was so much joy to be found in this moment. I’m learning how to include my daughter in everyday activities. She is at the age where she is starting to enjoy it and can pay attention for a good amount of time.

Her face lit up when I asked if she wanted to help me with a project.


These are moments I can’t get back and I want them to keep multiplying.

As I am learning, I hope to teach her how to cook, clean, bake, and work hard. I hope one day she will find joy in those things and have a passion for doing them

Whether it’s cleaning to serve others.

Or baking for the neighbors.

Or cooking a surprise birthday meal for her sister.

I’m excited to see what she enjoys as she learns. And I’m thankful I get to learn alongside her.


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