Goal Update and No More Facebook

Can you believe we are already half way through the year?

Time goes way.too.fast. Way too fast!!

Because my word for this year is diligence I thought I would glance back at my goals and see how they are going!

Nutritional Goals

1.Ferment more foods- kombucha, water kefir, salsa, and pickles to name a few!– Still working on this one. Will probably be more of a fall project for me. Summer= less time in the kitchen.
2. Find local sources to buy our food from.– Have not had much success with this one. Looked into CSA’s, but never picked one. Still shopping locally at farmer’s markets, but would like to outsource more of our meat. Hopefully will buy a cow for the winter.
3. Find a workout plan that works for this season of life.– I have been running pretty consistently and am back in the gym! It is not a set schedule which I would prefer, but think I have to surrender in this season of life. MK is still very attached to momma.

4. Take vitamins/herbs consistently (this goes for all members of the family).- Nope. This is one of my goals for this month. I have good things about an app called commit which will be helpful for this one.
5. Create seasonal meal plans to enable eating out less.  This has been awesome!! Here is my summer meal plan.

Household goals:

1. Replace plastic with glass. No more tupperware around here! We are loving our pyrex. We still have some plastic water bottles that have too much sentimental value to let go of, we just use them less 🙂
2. Build up essential oil inventory. I even hosted my first oils class! It was a blast. And I am loving learning about and using oils more.
3. Limit phone use to when kids are sleeping (Reading blogs, Facebook, etc.). More on this later!
4. Make laundry detergent. Not yet!

Family/Ministry Goals:
1. One night of intentional hospitality per week. – I am really glad I am looking back on these to remind myself of areas we need to grow in.
2. Start family devotions.– The girls and I have been doing these every lunch time, but D and I recently talked about our need to be more intentional in our bedtime routine instead of rushing home from activities every night.
3. Have consistent date nights at least 2x a month. We have been going on dates pretty consistently every week! So thankful for grandparents that graciously watch our babes. This time is so precious to me.
4. Potty train Madison.– Sort of. Tried this week and she was not having it, so we will revisit later in the year.
5. Pray daily and specifically for my husband and children.- Ek. Need to work on this.
6. Pray about a ministry for our family to serve in once a month.– And this, too.
7. Continue to make our home a place of rest. Fight the tendency to always be on the go.-  I have really been working on decluttering our home, so that my inclination is not always to clean. To have a place of rest. Also, been working on staying home more often, even though it is summer now, and there is lots of fun to be had!

Personal Goals:
1. Read through the Bible– Ah! It is humbling to admit my weakness in this area. Will also talk more about this below, too.
2. Memorize a book of the Bible– Not yet. Been working through Beth Moore’s newest study, Children of the Day, in which she challenges you to memorize 1 and 2 Thessalonians. Will look forward to completing this.
3. Read 12 books all the way through. One at a time. Can’t cross off yet!! Have completed at least 4 books so far.
4. Make sure my phone is charged daily (my husband is so hoping for diligence in this area!) Wish I could say this is going well, but it’s not. Still can’t figure out why this is such a challenge for me!

5. Begin doula certification. There is still time!
6. Listen to three podcasts a week. I am not too concerned about this goal, I do not think it is realistic with everything else I’d like to accomplish. I’d rather read 🙂


Now, about the no more facebook thing…

I have been wrestling for a long time with using this aspect of social media. It is a wonderful way to stay connected, allow family and friends to see the girls grow up, and to learn more through bloggers and groups. However, I feel as though it is taking up too much of my attention and allowing too many voices to speak into my life. A friend and I were talking about how an older mentor told her that motherhood today is much more challenging because of the pressure that is put on us by outside sources. Pressure to home-make every piece of food, to do cool crafts, to parent a certain way, etc. This, unfortunately, has becoming true for me. I have allowed too many other voices, aside from Jesus and wise council to dictate how I live my life and parent my children. I also have some areas I need to heal in, and the constant bombardment of certain things on Facebook is not making the process easy for me. I read this blog and her thoughts echoed what I had been wrestling with in my heart.

So, I’m taking a break.

For the summer, I will be off Facebook. Enjoying quality time with my family. Learning the old fashioned way- through books and face to face interactions. Basking in the sun.

I will continue to update my blogs and document joy.

I am excited and ready to learn.


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