Wow!! Has it really been six days?

It has been a whirlwind around the Fister household. Like usual!

There is much joy to be found though.

I did not write for a few days because M was scarily sick. At least for me. Her fever jumped up to 105 more than once and this affected her in obvious ways.


It was really sad and hard all at the same time.

Hard because it hit MK, too! No fever but goopy eyes and an ear infection.

<img src="" alt=”20140728

This is an honest look into those days!

God is good though. Thankful for people that watched one of the girls, prayed for us, cleaned up our dinner for us, and loved on us. There is joy even when it’s realllly hard for me to choose the attitude.

We capped off our sickness by traveling to Milwaukee. We knew the girls would have lots of time to rest and it would be good, no necessary, for a change of scenery for our family.

If you know me, you probably know I love
Milwaukee. I spent a summer there five years ago doing inner city ministry and grew to love the city as well as gained a family.

The people I spent the summer with are some of the most cherished friends I have. They are genuine, funny, sweet, and have a relationship with The Lord that I always learn from. As D always says, “They are really special people.” I am sad that they live so far away but so deeply full of joy that I still get to connect with them.

One of my friends from project was recently married and had his reception in Waukesha. It was great to celebrate with him and his new wife!!


They instantly loved on my sick children and it was fun to see how our family has grown. We missed everyone that couldn’t be there!!


The next day we slept in, went down to a coffee shop by the lake and enjoyed dipping our toes in the water! We finished it off by taking naps and dining at Whole Foods before making our way to Rockford, IL where D had a business meeting this morning.



So much beauty. Both in the scenery and in these beautiful ladies. We prayed together and they patiently endured my children’s screaming!

Today we did what we intended… Rested. The girls and I made it to Target and then back to the hotel for some QT and loooong naps! Four hours spent sleeping 🙂





I am grateful for this time of living like gypsies! (Did I mention we stayed at a different hotel each night?)

It was much needed for my marriage, for my family, and for my soul.

Encouraged in many different ways.

Joy unspeakable.


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