Today was a full day.

This morning began bright and early with friends who deeply encourage D and I. They have come alongside us so well to help us rest, learn how to become parents, and just love us for who we are. They are real about their lives and press into ours to bring us deeper in our faith. I’m so thankful for their friendship and all that we learn from them. It was the perfect start to the day!

Then me and the girls went on a run with a dear friend and her little man. Through labored breathing we caught up on life. I loved getting this time to connect and work out together. The girls really love her babe too! She is doing an awesome job balancing all that she does in life with grace and with sacrifice.

This afternoon I got my hair cut by a sweet girl who loves Jesus and everyone around her. I always feel more joyful after leaving her because of her realness and joyful spirit. She is a great wife, mom, and friend who really strives to please The Lord above anyone else. Not only do I feel pretty when I leave but I feel refreshed, too!

The night finished with a couple that loves us and our children so well. They hug them, play with them, and encourage us all at the same time. It was refreshing to sit around and talk about life, sales strategies, and other random topics!! They are a beautiful couple who serve The Lord and those around them with their whole selves.

It’s so true that we aren’t meant to do life alone and I’m grateful for that truth. Joy in different people with different personalities – love!!


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