3 Gifts Autumn

It sure does not feel like autumn yet! I stepped outside for two minutes today and was sweating.

I’m not rushing it away though because I know as soon as that snow falls I will wish for these days back.

I’m really thankful that in this season of my life The Lord is reminding me to slow down. Everyone always tell you that they grow so fast and it is so true. I can’t believe the rapid rate both my girls are learning and developing and instead of do, do, doing, I’m trying with His help to cherish these days. To look them in the eyes and speak life in whatever way that looks.

Man do I fail. I get tired and short and loud.

I’m glad to be learning. Not just in even being a mom but being a woman, a wife, a friend.

Learning to love deeply.
Learning to move slowly.
Learning to be https://choosinginexpressiblejoy.wordpress.com/2014/01/02/stillness/

Some lessons take a long time to learn.

These are the moments I soaked up today.

Joy in autumn coming.







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