Good Food

Let me begin with a disclaimer: I have been bad with cooking dinner lately.

We have been so busy that we have eaten out most of the time. I hate it!! I

But this is where my joy enters. Today was finally a chill day where I was intentional with making a good meal.

It was nice to eat something I know nourished my body. And the girls were in the kitchen with me- one “washing” dishes and one on my back. It was pleasant to labor together and then enjoy our meal together on a night when D had to work late.

Typically I don’t do well with him working late, so I am thankful The Lord gave me this time and food tonight.


I tweaked this recipe slightly, but really enjoyed the way it turned out. Eating lots of veggies without really knowing they are there!

Oh and I cannot forget the dinner attire.


This little lady cracks me up. There are about five different personalities all in this one picture.

Food is a good thing. And the company make it even better!


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