A Day Off

Our family rocks! Each of the grandparents took our children for a shift today so that D and I could celebrate our anniversary.

A generous treat. A beautiful day.

We started out with breakfast at our favorite breakfast place. So. Good.



With our bellies full we decided to spend some time at the Great Lakes Science Center. I learned some new information about space. NASA is really cool. We even were able to see an IMAX movie. I have not done that since I was in grade school.


We enjoyed lunch at a cute little cafe. Took in the sights at West Side Market. Savored our favorite ice cream at Mitchell’s. Walked around the mall. And finally landed at a bookstore to read about our passions while still being next to each other. My favorite!! D is an on the go type of guy so this activity made this introverted girl feel extra loved.


I feel rested and connected. It is crazy how different the pace of a day is without children. It was almost weird to have the type of freedom we did today. It made the hugs and kisses when we picked them up extra special.

I’m grateful for this time with my guy. I know we need it. Need to refresh and relearn each other. I’m thankful we have a sacrificial family who loves our children so well and supports us in our marriage.

Joy runs deep today, friends. I hope you had a joyful Saturday too.


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