Home Management Binder

This may seem like a silly reason to choose joy. But, I completed my home management binder today and I am really excited about it!

I have been working hard to streamline my home. Declutter. Organize. Set routines in motion.I know it is what I need to coming into a hard season- winter.

Plus, I just really enjoy organization and planning. I wanted to be a teacher all my life!

I first got the idea for a home management binder here. I made one over a year ago, however, it needed a revamp in hopes that I will actually use the pages. I am hoping this will be an aid to keeping order in the home, helping me to grow in diligence, and keeping my eyes on what is important.

Here is what mine looks like (I’m sorry for the poor quality of photos):

First we have the inside cover full of blank cards to send out, gift cards, and other miscellaneous items.


Then, I have my daily to-do list and calendar. I found a bunch of free printables here which spruced up the notebook!



After this I have some goals recorded. It’s important for me to continually come back to these and remind myself what my focus is and what I believe the Lord wants me to grow in in this season. (I did not get a picture of this section!)

Next is my health section. This is full of information on essential oils, my meal plans, recipes, and running articles.

homebinder9 homebinder10 homebinder12

Another section I am really striving to pray through each week is my “weekly” section. It contains a sheet for me to evaluate my self in a healthy way.


I have a learning section full of encouragement and articles.


One of my favorite sections is my holiday sections with my Christmas Planner from lifeyourway.net!


And my last section is titled inventory. In it contains a list of what we need in our house to cut down on errands and preparedness lists for emergencies- one area I am looking to grow in as a homemaker.

homebinder3 homebinder5

And to complete my binder I have three folders. One for babysitters, one for finances, and one for coupons.


Whew! There is a lot in one binder. I know it will not solve all my stresses as a housewife and mother, but I am excited to see how it will help me in those roles.

Do you have a homemaking binder? Share with me!


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