This was MK at breakfast this morning.


A. Mess.

Truthfully it is hard for me when the ponytails don’t stay in, the orange juice dribbles down the clothes, and the bacon hands run through the hair.

I like clean.

In all aspects.

In my mind I have been wrestling with the desire to have everything in order. My house, my van, my garage, my quiet time, my schedule, my relationships.

I think, “If I could just have everything in place, then I could be more at peace, more gentle, more fun”… Fill in your blank.

Silly, really. I have two precious souls who care more about enjoying themselves than having everything in place. They care more about playing with me than their toys being properly organized.

I know it’s a season. I have to remind myself of this. My house will not always look this way. But I’m also learning that life IS messy. It’s not meant to be clean.

Jesus promises, “In this world, you will have trouble…”

I will have trouble. We will have trouble.

There will be messes. There will be trials. There will be hard relationships. There will be wrestling.

The list goes on. It can be discouraging. But then I remember the rest of his promise, “but take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Deep breath. There is hope! When I speak it it sounds crazy: hope in the mess of my house? No, hope that runs deeper.

He has overcome my need for perfection.

He can redeem my need for control.

He can mend and heal the broken places of my life.

I don’t have to have it all together. Life is always going to be messy. And instead of wasting my time trying to organize it away- although I do need things to be this way because of my personality. I’m in no way advocating purposefully living in mess!- I can rest in the One who helps me. I do not need to “clean” it all on my own or worry about how to make it better. He has overcome.

And that is where joy is found.



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