Healthy competition

Date night!

We went to target, picked out a new game (actually 10 in 1), then headed to a coffee shop to play.

Did I mention we are competitive? Truthfully, I am worse. And I think it’s because I typically lose. So everytime we play against each other it brings a whole new level of challenge for me.

Unfortunately tonight was not my night. 0 for 2.


BUT it was so fun. We laughed. Used our brains against each other. And overall enjoyed being together.

What a blessing and a joy.

After a week of chaos and not connecting some healthy competition is just what we needed.


(PS I realize that my goal for the year was to find joy in each day. And I truly am. I just struggle to find the time to blog every day. So I have had to let go of my perfectionism and being ok with blogging when I can!)


2 thoughts on “Healthy competition

  1. Hi Sarah! This is Robin. I love reading your posts and I am always glad to see couples making time to date. I am especially glad to see that you are accepting your “blog when you can” attitude about your daily joy.

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