Today, joy comes from one of my favorite days of the year- a visit to our naturopathic doctor!

He is a wonderful man of the Lord who sets aside 1 hour and a 1/2 per patient to talk through your health with you.

I have needed a reminder of how important it is to take care of your body for awhile. That sounds silly as I type those words, but although I know and love to study about health, I have been lacking in putting knowledge into action. Whether stressed or tired, my cooking skills have declined and the amount of care of what I put into my body has taken a backseat to what is “easy.”

Our Dr. gently reminded us of some truths along with helping us learn what our bodies need.

The biggest one for me was this: You reap what you sow.

If I am dealing with an ailment, it is important for me to step back and evaluate how diligent I am being in the treatment of my body. And not only mine, but my families as well! It was great to hear how my girls are doing and what they are needing.

Today was the perfect boost for me to be reminded of how to treat my body, what that looks like, and to take action!

Our bodies are so cool and I am filled with joy at how intricate they are, yet how many tools God has provided us to help them to operate at full capacity.

photo photo

(An added bonus was that the girls did great! Waking up at 5 and spending 5 hours at a Dr.’s office is no easy task for little ones. I’m very proud of them!)


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