Loss and Love

Tonight on our date night, D and I sat at the bar at a new restaurant in town. Excellent dessert!

During our savoring, we interacted with a man that D had recognized from his uncle’s business. We began to talk with him about his life and he soon let us know that his wife had recently passed and he was forming a business to help people that battle cancer. Through a grimaced face, he said, “If honoring her looks like forming this business, I will do whatever it takes.”

His hurt was painfully evident. He talked about coming into this restaurant a few weeks back and being the only one there and breaking down and letting them pick him up. His passion was made known in his desire to make this business huge so that something good came out of his wife’s death.

He shut down at certain points of the conversation. He got fired up at other parts.

When we left, I told D how beautiful it was that even in the midst of loss, his love for her was clear. Heartbreaking, but beautiful.

It’s rare in our society for a man to be open about their sorrow the way that he was. Unfortunately it can also be rare for men to be public about how much they love their wives.

It makes me reflect on many levels.

Does my husband know the depth of my love for him?

Am I sacrificing in the daily trials for him?

Do I cherish my time with him?

Am I passionate about serving him?

Do I honor him while I still can?

Not only my husband, those closest to me as well. Do we passionately love those around us?

Loss teaches us a lot about love. I pray I use the time I have with those I love to love them well.


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