Why I Quit Facebook…

…For now.

I would be naive to think that this would be a forever thing.

Facebook is fun and a great way to connect!

But I knew for me I needed to sign off for awhile.

I tried this in the middle of 2014, but I never actually deactivated my account, so it did not last for long.

So, why now and for what reason?

Well, there are many!

1. Distraction- Being a stay at home is one of God’s greatest blessings for me. I love being able to be home with my girls. There are days, however, when I am exhausted or frustrated or tired of coming up with new things to play. I have turned to Facebook as a source of distraction which then leads me to be distracted from the work at hand. I LOVE to read and I found that I was not doing it because I would rather scroll my newsfeed and by the time I was done, I was too tired to read. (Honest confessions here, people!) My word for this year is intentionality and sometimes I have chosen to allow Facebook to hinder my ability to be intentional- with my housework, with my children, with my husband.

2. Negativity- Sometimes the articles that pop up on my newsfeed, or the statuses people write, or the groups I am in are just oozing with negativity. There are lots of debates on the internet right now be it vaccinations, what food to feed yourself or your children, how to properly parent, etc. Pick your poison. Granted, I could have unfollowed some of the mom groups I am in, but there is still bound to be articles that pop up because someone liked it or posted it. For me, I need a break. I am called to have a renewed mind and I was tired of leaving Facebook feeling down or discouraged.

3. Healing- If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know that this was a hard year for us. I believe that some of my wounds will not be able to be healed if I continue to view things that hurt me. Also, I sometimes would use Facebook in place of quiet time with the Lord because I did not want to deal with these wounds. I would stuff it instead with mindless pleasure. I’m looking forward to actually pushing in to some areas I need to work on.

4. Wisdom- Along the same lines of the negativity category, I felt like I was allowing too much of the Facebook world to dictate how I live my life. Sounds silly, but I bet we all do it in some form of another. “Oh, she does this with her kids- I need to do that!” “Look how clean her house is, I will never measure up.” “They recommend doing this every day to be healthy.” “I could never be able to achieve that.” Now, I believe in learning from others and I think we need others to help spur us on in the mundane, everyday life. But, alas, there are other ways to learn besides Facebook and I want to be seeking the Lord for wisdom first before allowing others to dictate my decisions.

Now please hear my heart. Facebook is NOT evil. It is wonderful for connection and keeping updated and learning about others. But, in this season of my life, I just need a break. I am not sure how long this season will last, but I am excited to see what I learn.

My “break” was confirmed by a friend this Sunday at church. I have been debating leaving the Book for awhile, but never made the change because of my pictures, or because “how will I keep in touch?”, etc. As I was talking with her, she said, “How are you? I do not know much anymore because I am not on Facebook!” My reply was, “Really! Why? Do you love it?” She said, “I was tired of being bombarded with everyone’s messages and leaving Facebook feeling negative or angry about something, so I quit and I love it. I have to be more intentional with keeping up with people, but I love it.”

And that sealed the deal for me.


3 thoughts on “Why I Quit Facebook…

  1. I am off facebook for similar reasons, it’s been almost a month and it’s been so liberating!!! Every second/minute/hour we spend scrolling through reading comments from people we don’t even know is time we could be pouring into our relationship with actual people face to face, or time with God! So many things/people fighting for our attention constantly in life….loving our sermon series, Jeff has been touching on this..”less is more.” I may have 1000 friends on Facebook all grabbing for my attention with their statuses, but pouring into Mila or Contactjng a specific person that was on my heart is more/better/more productive. Sorry for the novel, just some thoughts 🙂

  2. I love it Ashley! So encouraged to hear what you are learning and what I learned from you as well 🙂 I hope your time off Facebook is still refreshing and restful.

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