From the words of Sally Clarkson…

Live true to your own family culture–and be faithful to God. Don’t perform for others, but live daily in His freedom and power and grace. We have been criticized for years by many people for our ideals. We have had to work through many pathways of difficulty, critics, nay-sayers, and emotionally unhealthy people who reacted to our family and wanted us to know.

But I only wish I had just rested in the Lord more and fretted less about the details of life that seemed to loom large in my mind. Not that I have already become perfect, as Paul says, but I press on for the upward calling of God in Christ Jesus. I have to keep reminding myself to believe in God and to trust Him every day and to wait for more prayers for all of us to be answered–especially as I watch my children launch into life.”

For those of you that know me, you know that Sally Clarkson is one of my favorite authors when it comes to motherhood. She is wise and gentle and I love learning from her. She is a “mentor” so to say. When I received an email this week with an article she had written, my soul was refreshed and reminded of important truths.

I have been wrestling this week with frustration. Toddlerhood is exhausting and I feel like I have no clue what I am doing. There is constant battles, lack of listening, lack of sharing, etc. It is hard to watch your sweet child work through learning boundaries, obedience, and respect.

On top of that, it does not always feel like people are on my team. I have walked away from situations feeling judged for how I parent. Whether it is from their mouths or their eyes, it is hard for me to stomach. Not only do I deal with insecurity as a parent, but I so desperately do not want my child to be looked down upon. (I know, she’s 3 right!) I know this is a wrestling match I will have to endure for all of parenthood, but it is new for me as I enter into a new season away from babyhood.

It has reminded me to be graceful. Graceful with my child, myself, and other mom’s. I know I am not the only one fighting to love my child even when they are hard to love and I am thankful to remember that the support I desire so many others desire as well.

All this to say, Sally’s writing spoke right to the heart of the issue. I challenge you to read it and let it encourage your soul as well!

You can check it out here.


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