Goal Update- It’s May Already!!

How are we halfway through the year already?! This blows my mind. Life sure does move fast. As a means of accountability I like to glance back at the goals I made and see how I’m doing.

So far, as I strive to live intentionally the biggest area of growth for me has come out of reading. I”m a quarter of the way done with reading through the Bible in 100 days and this is rocking my world! I’m learning so much about the character of God and the way He sees us and desires for us to live. It’s really beneficial to my ability to be intentional in my faith. In addition to this, I have been focusing a lot on reading books that spur on intentionality in my marriage and parenting. This has been great and challenging all at the same time as I recognize the difficulty it is to put into practice what I have been learning. Finally, I have been reading fiction books on my Kindle while rocking MK or whenever I can sneak in time! I have been loving this. It’s so fun to dive into a book and it is diminished other unhealthy distractions in my life like Facebook and television. I’m excited to continue to grow and learn what living intentionally looks like!

1. Living Intentionally Personally- I want to grow this year and be refined in every way.

  • Read through the Bible in 100 days. I’m taking the challenge from http://www.mercyisnew.com/2014/12/26/pray-read-bible-100-days/. Does anyone want to join me? I would love the accountability!–25 days in!!
  • Read in general! I love, love, love to read. But for some reason have chosen not to this past year. So, in order to grow my brain I have made a list of books I want to read that go along with being intentional (and some fiction, too!)
    • Sacred Marriage
    • The Power of A Praying Wife- in process, highly recommend!
    • The Mission of Motherhood
    • Grace Based Parenting- in process!
    • No Drama Discipline
    • Jesus, the Gentle Parent
    • Beyond Boundaries: Learning to Trust Again
    • Encouragement
    • The Night Circus
    • The Giver
    • Unbroken
    • Sabbath as Resistance
    • Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are
    • Found in Him
    • Better Than Before
  • Continue choosing joy!

2. Living Intentionally Physically- We have a baby on the way in case you did not know! I need to steward this life well and get back to nourishing my body (and my families!) with the right foods.

  • Eat Better! Cut out flours and sugars as much as possible. Ferment foods. Learn to make kombucha.- EH! This has been a hard one for me. Recently, I have been struggling with eating well and I’m fighting the battle to remain healthy this last month of pregnancy. 
  • Exercise. It is always a challenge to figure out how this looks with two littles, but I would love to take a prenatal yoga class, and I look forward to running again after baby #3 comes.-Yes! I can’t wait to run again! In the meantime, I have been aiming to workout out 2-3 times a week. Simple, short workouts that I find on Pinterest 🙂 My girls have been loving trying to do them with me…for about two minutes until they are distracted again. 🙂 

3. Living Intentionally as a Family-

  • Pray and Read Together as husband and wife. Continue date nights 🙂
  • Start regular date nights with the girls 1x/month.- I would not say we have been great with once a month, but have been intentional with taking them out on mommy/daddy dates. 
  • Be more consistent as a family with devotions.- Still figuring out what this looks like for us! 
  • Do the virtue training Bible with M.- In progress! 

4. Living Intentionally with Money- There is always growth to happen here!

5. Living Intentionally by practicing Servanthood-

  • Serve the Body- Start a Bible study at my house. Grow with other women as we dig into the Word.- Our life group recently started a ladies group and I’m loving getting to dig in deeper with these women and learn what being intentional in this setting looks like. 
  • Simply be intentional in friendship- Pray. Encourage. Call. Text. Email. Whatever it looks like! Just be intentional.- Always room for growth here! 
  • Be intentional with our neighbors as the Lord leads.- This is a challenge because of our neighborhood situation. Good to be reminded of this goal. 

6. Living Intentionally in our Home- I want to continue to purge and make our home beautiful for others to feel loved and for my family to be at rest.- I had my first garage sale ever this past month! I won’t be doing that again 🙂 ha! It’s a lot of work. I’m thankful though that we purged this house and I feel like most everything is useful to our family. There is always a struggle with perfectionism with our home, so I have to continually surrender my ideals to the Lord. 

It is fun to look back at my goals and see where growth is happening and where more is needed. I cannot wait to see what the next six months hold for living intentionally.

There is joy in the Lord, always. “Rejoice in the Lord always. Again, I will say it, Rejoice!” Phil 4:4


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